eQ is about bringing the principles of emotional intelligence
to your marketing strategy in an informed, credible, measurable way.

We help you use these principles to grow your presence both on- and offline, manage it intelligently, and make meaningful spaces for your customers to interact with you:

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1. Perception is reality

Regardless of your intent, if your message if perceived in a certain way by your customers, that is their reality. Listening to feedback is key – we help you create messages that resonate with your customers.

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2. Be consistent

Your message needs to be consistent across multiple platforms, whether online or in the traditional media. People form relationships with people or brands that they understand, that they identify with and that they trust. Conflicting messages destroy that trust.

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3. Focus on what your customers want, not on what your competition is doing

The only way you will grow your business is to focus on your customer. Constantly monitoring and reacting to your competitors will take away time and energy you should be spending on your most important resource – your community.

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4. People buy solutions, not products

Often, people don’t even know they have a problem. Or they don’t know how a certain product will solve their problem. By focusing on solutions, you build your relationship with your customer through engagement.

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5. Be where your customers are

This might sound obvious, but many companies expect customers to find them, instead of the other way around. Your customers are media consumers – online, traditional media – they consume it all. Where they are, you need to be. If you’re not talking to your customers, somebody else is.

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